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Boodle Fight Platter

All grilled (minimum of 2 persons). Tilapia, milk fish belly, pork BBQ, grilled pork belly, squid, mussels, shrimp, eggplant, okra, green salad, boodle rice and free bottled water.

Boodle Fight Platter$31.99 plus tax

Lechon Baboy (Roasted Pork)

Lechon Belly (per pound)$18.00 plus tax

Lechon, Regular (per pound)$15.99 plus tax

Lechon Kawali

Per Pound$15.00 plus tax

Pork Barbeque (Pork Skewers)

$3.00 plus tax


Small (12 oz.) size take out$6.99 plus tax

Medium (16 oz.) size take out$8.49 plus tax

Large (20 oz.) size take out$10.49 plus tax

Small Party tray$50.00 plus tax

Medium Party tray$60.00 plus tax

Large Party tray$110.00 plus tax

Pork Hock Kare-kare

Small (12 oz.) size take out$5.99 plus tax

Medium (16 oz.) size take out$7.49 plus tax

Large (20 oz.) size take out$9.49 plus tax

Small Party tray$45.00 plus tax

Medium Party tray$55.00 plus tax

Large Party tray$95.00 plus tax

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